Smiling House

Smiling HouseSmiling House is a platform for exclusive and luxury properties, developed to connect quality travelers with some of the world’s finest resorts. Its collection of properties is built with unique chalets, mansions, villas, and castles around the world. Smiling House has more than 4000 properties in 32 locations and 95 destinations. Each one is carefully hand-picked for its stunning location, services/amenities, and distinctive approach. Smiling House has divided its properties into two categories depending on the destination. The first category is for winter destinations and it has luxurious chalets with outdoor activities like skiing and the second category is for summer destinations with villas, private beaches, yachts, etc.

It is important to highlight that Smiling House is developing a new concept for luxury rentals called rent-to-buy and buy-to-rent. This concept allows guests to rent and stay in a place, which they are interested in before buying it. Guests have the chance to rent the property, feel it, get to know the neighborhood and the vibes around it, and then buy it in order to rent it for themselves, this is something that real estate agencies can not offer.

Smiling House

Targeting: Smiling House attracts high-income audiences, who are looking for a quality stay in a unique and luxurious place. More specifically it is aimed at multigenerational families, workcation travelers, groups of friends, and real estate investors (interested in the concept of rent to buy/buy to rent). According to Smiling House bookings, their guests are traveling from Europe (41%), the USA (26%), Asia/Middle East (18%), South America (7%) and 8% are from the rest of the world.

  • Founded: 2015 (Switzerland) 
  • Short-term rental properties: 4.000+
  • Commission: 10% per booking (owner) / extra fees 5%-10% (guests)
  • Payments: Channel collects payments


  • The rising of the luxury vacation rentals industry
  • Rent-to-buy concept
  • Attracting quality guests
  • Your property will be advertised on Smiling House’s website
  • Friendly and professional customer care
  • Average length of stay 10 nights
  • Less than 1% booking cancellations


  • Doesn’t have properties in many countries
  • It has a specific target group 
  • It is not very widespread as an online travel agency
  • Average group size 7-9 guests, making it difficult for solo and couple travelers to book
  • Wire transfer payments is only possible for expensive deals
  • No direct bookings-owners have to accept booking requests to rent their properties

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