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Channel Manager for Vacation Rentals

Sync your availability calendar & rates across 200+ channels

With Hosthub’s Channel Manager, you can increase your bookings and revenues by listing your properties on multiple vacation rental channels and we make sure that all your calendars will be updated & synchronized in real-time.

Hosthub is the only vacation rental channel manager that can synchronize listings between more than 200+ channels with a 100% success rate and a Zero Double Booking  Guarantee (available only for API connected channels).


Manage all of your bookings from one dashboard

Increase your bookings and revenues

Avoid double bookings

Quality assurance on the stages

Multiple update methods

Multicalendar View – See all your bookings from all your properties in one calendar

Calendar View – Select the rental of your choice to see all the bookings related to it

Channels View – See all your channels in one place

Dashboard View – All your upcoming bookings in one place

Bookings View – See all your bookings from all your properties in one place

Rentals View – See all your rentals in one place

Reports View – See reports regarding your booked nights, your occupancy rate & your revenue

Rate Management View – Manage multiple rate plans for each channel

Expense Management View – Add and track all your property expenses

Marketplace – 35+ partners & integrations for your vacation rental journey

Why trust Hosthub's Channel Manager?

Hosthub supports more channels than any other channel manager today.

Multiple update methods

If for any reason the update has not been executed correctly with the default update method, Hosthub falls back to the next available update method. If that fails, we fall back to the next and so on until our QA system has verified that the calendars have been modified correctly.

Quality assurance on all stages

At the heart of our platform is a Quality Assurance mechanism that checks each and every channel update to make sure that the correct dates have been updated.

Benefits of using Hosthub

Hosthub offers unprecedented peace of mind you will not find anywhere else!

Zero Double-Booking Guarantee

Whatever happens, we take care of it. If the double booking is our fault, we talk to the second guest, relocate him to a similar (or better) home & take care of any extra costs. Zero Double Booking Guarantee is only available for API connected channels.

Support for 200+ vacation rental channels

With over 200 supported channels, you’ll get all the bookings you can handle. If you want to post your short term rental on more websites than you are listed today, we can do that for you.

24/7 support with an average response time under 5 minutes

Just call us anytime, 24/7 and 365 days a year, we would be happy to help!

With Hosthub, you get peace of mind above all!

Hosthub's Channel Manager Features

Sync all your calendars, across all your channels

200+ Channels

Actually, not 200 channels… All channels! Any channel in the world. As long as it’s in English and more than 2 customers ask for it, we will include it!

Sync with your own website

We are the only channel manager in the world that can sync your calendars with any website, even your custom website. Be it WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Drupal, you name it, we support it.

Real-time 2-way sync on All channels

Most of the competition at this price range uses ical connectivity to update calendars, which means 2-4 hour delays at minimum, and 8-12 hour delays possible. That means double bookings. We sync with all channels always under 10 minutes, and usually under 5.

Easiest setup possible

If you have tried other channel managers, you will be BLOWN AWAY at how easy Hosthub is. Setup is instant, and almost zero effort is needed after that. Just sit back and enjoy the peace of mind you so much need.

Sync your properties on 200+ channels