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2x your vacation rental bookings and revenues.

List your property not only on multiple channels but also on the right ones!


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Double your revenue

90% of our customers saw a 2x increase of their revenue 3 months after hiring us to add their property on one more channel. By adding more channels to your existing channel mix you will:

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How it works:

  1. Have a call with our experts. They will discuss your needs and will review your current channel mix and your property.
  2. Based on their extensive experience and your property’s characteristics (size, location, current occupancy rate, etc),
    they will come back to you with a proposal including which channels we propose you to add. Our proposals are free of charge.
  3. Should you accept our offer, just sit back and relax. In the next 48 hours your property will be added to the channel(s) of your choice.

Why us?

Can’t I do it by myself? This is the most common question we hear. Yes, you could. But we will do it much faster and much better since we know all the tricks and difficulties of each and every channel. Don’t forget, we’ve done this successfully for hundreds of property owners, so we have expertise. After all, you go to a doctor if you feel sick, don’t you?

How do you charge

You will get a consultation regarding the channel(s) you will need to add to your current channel mix free of charge.
Should you want to hire us to add your property to the channels of your choice, the cost is 75USD per property per channel.
Should you have more properties you wish to add to multiple channels, we will customize a proposal based on your needs and budget.
This service is a one-off payment. No recurring fees, no hidden fees, no commission from bookings. Clean and clear.


What people are saying...


July 30

Hosthub(formerly Syncbnb) is a great application for syncing your bookings on different channels! Best service, the support team replies very quickly and efficiently. Value for money


June 19

Brilliant and easy to use. I have an accommodation business with 3 venues, it has made my life much easier as I don't have to go on each website I advertise with and update the calendars without making a mistake. No risk of a double booking, an easy to use program and Hosthub(formerly Syncbnb) owners are very friendly & always ready to help.


April 20

It took me about 5 minutes to set-up and I have never had a double booking. I love their dashboard. I keep it open at all times. If you run multiple channels (Everybody should) Hosthub(formerly Syncbnb) is the answer.


April 19

The app is fantastic and saves me so much time and stress. Allows me to spend time marketing my properties. The support is second to none. I have never had to ask twice not have I had to wait. Friendly efficient and effective Without a doubt the best on the market


February 7

Very happy with this service!! Gives us so much peace of mind to not worry about double bookings. And the customer service is outstanding. Highly recommend!


January 29

Highly recommended.. Try it.. Really good service totally syncs many platforms in one in a few seconds. Staff always available to help via chat or call.


September 30

I've been using & suggesting Hosthub(formerly Syncbnb) almost 3 years now and I'm very satisfied with their services. Hosthub(formerly Syncbnb) is one of the smartest applications I use in my everyday life, it synchronizes "RAPIDLY" your Property Calendar to any famous platform and not only!  But the best of all, they constantly upgrade their systems. I'm a true fan! 😉  


September 6

Excellent service. Made my life easier


September 5

What do you like best? The fact that it actually does what they promise. Not sure if anything can work better or faster than that. What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized? Double bookings simply dont exist


January 29

Been a great help for my vacation rental. Alex, Lefty and the team are awesome and always on the ball. I love the online chat feature.


January 29

Hosthub(formerly Syncbnb) has created a simple solution to a widespread problem - how to keep calendars synchronized.


January 18

The programme is great and runs without bugs. The help line is quick and prompt.


January 14

Great service, smart people. A staff it’s really a pleasure to deal with. Hosthub(formerly Syncbnb) works perfectly and swiftly.


January 13

A brand new service to keep your rentals synced between different OTAs listings. Focused on customers’ success and satisfaction.