Synchronize your sailboat, catamaran and yacht bookings across multiple platforms

Do you own or manage a sailboat, catamaran or yacht? Maybe you are a management company and have a fleet of dozens or hundreds of boats?

In both cases you are probably listing them on multiple booking platforms like

or even more, and you are looking for a way to keep all those calendars synchronized so you don’t get a double booking. If that is the case, you’re at the right place 🙂

Hosthub is launching a new service that can synchronize all those sailboat renting platforms, 2-way and near real-time. That means whenever you get a booking from one channel or platform, all the others are automatically synhronized in a matter of minutes.

You can join our early beta program by signing up below, and we’ll get back to you with instructions on how to activate your beta access.

Sailboat booking Sync

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