5 Bad Habits of Vacation Rental Guests

Being a Vacation Rental owner is a fun job. Everyone wants to make their guest feel special and welcomed. However, there are times when VR hosts have to have to deal with some nasty habits that their guests have.

But what are the most annoying habits that vacation rental owners have to deal with?

1. They leave the lights on

Many guests leave the room but don’t mind switching off the lights. This is very environmentally unfriendly and a very expensive habit in many countries.

2. They leave the TV on

It’s totally understandable that some people feel comfortable when some kind of white noise is around.  They feel safe and like having someone for companion. That’s why many guests turn on the TV and never switch it off. This habit is quite tiring for the host since the noise can be disturbing or even keeping you busy from living your life like relaxing or sleeping.

3. They don’t throw their leftovers away

For many hosts, this is by far the most annoying habit that guests have. And no one can blame them. As a guest, you have obligations and rights. One of your responsibilities is to keep the place clean and without leftovers. Mind that leaving the food all over the place can be disgusting and bring various types of insects.

4. They don’t put their dinnerware in the sink

Another habit that most hosts hate. It takes less than 60’’ to put your dirty glass and dish in the sink or the dishwasher. Do it and see how appreciated will this gesture be.

5 . Smoking inside the house

Smoking is a controversial habit. Some are ok with smoking inside the house and some hate it. In any case, smoking in the house, especially without asking for permission, can be rude and disrespectful. Moreover, you should take into consideration that many don’t want to become passive smokers at any time or have their furniture and walls smell.


Hosts have to deal with these things every day. If you want to avoid these situations (with the added benefit of not having to leave bad reviews for your guests), you should make sure that your house rules are simple and precise, and communicated in the best possible way to your guests.

A few ways to do that:

  1. Write the rules on your listing page on Airbnb, Booking.com, Homeaway, and any other channel you list on
  2. Hang signs around the house with friendly reminders
  3. Make sure you repeat the most important rules when you welcome your guests during their check-in

No matter how strict your rules are, if you communicate them politely and clearly, your guests will appreciate it and reward you by respecting your home and leaving a positive review after they leave – which is what it’s all about, after all 🙂

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