6 things you should consider to become an awesome host

We’ve been around long enough to learn many different ways a host can become better, and multiple ways to improve the guest’s experience.
Today we share some of this wisdom 🙂

1. Passwords & contact details

One of the first things that guests will look for when they get into your home, is the wifi password. The second is the key lockbox code (if any) and so on.

Superhost tip: A small note in an obvious place should contain the host’s phone number and email, the wifi code, and any other password that might be useful to the guests.

2. BnB stuff

The second part of Airbnb is, well, “BnB”! This, of course, means “Bed and Breakfast” and it’s not by chance. 🙂 Your place should offer fresh bedding and towels as well as some snacks and drinks.

Superhost tip: A proactive question about your guests’ food preferences would be nice. A welcome drink would be awesome!

3. Decoration and equipment

Your listed photos should reflect the actual state of your home. Don’t oversell or try to deceive your guests, it will backfire on you when they arrive and see the truth.

Superhost tip: If anything basic has been replaced or removed from your space, you ought to mention it privately at your chat with the guest – before the arrival. (Seriously, there are no excuses to women when the ‘ hairdryer included ’ is out-of-order!)

4. Music is the answer

Make your visitors feel comfortable by leaving a device which plays music. Gestures like these go a long way in earning the guests coveted 5-star reviews!

Superhost tip: Soft music is always a good choice!

5. Keep it fresh

The most important thing for your rental’s status: how clean it is. There are several times that guests leave disappointing comments because of the uncleanness.

Superhost Tip: Fresh flowers around the space bring a nice aura to the atmosphere.

Too many bookings to find a free cleaning day? Hosthub provides calendar synchronization, so you can block these dates in advance. 🙂

6. Let me entertain you

Imagine that you are in a new place where you have never been before.
What really matters? Yes, flyers and maps concerning the area shops, restaurants, sightseeing, etc. can be more than helpful in this case.

Superhost tip: Books and board games will play a unique role in the guest’s chilling time.

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