Australia’s Breakthrough in the Vacation Rental Industry

The Short-term vacation rental industry has been progressing over the past year and shows no signs of slowing down. High season is just around the corner and Australians are warming up for strong RevPAR growth. Airdna shows that Airbnb listings in Australia have increased nearly 29% over the last year, while booked listings have increased 43%, demonstrating the increased popularity of short-term vacation rentals across the country.

The real challenge though is not only to take off during high season but keep it steady during the rest of the year too.  Cities like Perth and Sydney have proved that they are tough players in the vacation rental industry. In Perth, 17% of rentals are booked for more than 6 months of the year (opposed to Sydney’s 10%), suggesting that Perth has an emerging professional market.

If you really want to prepare well enough before high season fever hits, add your rentals to more than one channel. This survey proves that listing on multiple channels increases revenue by 2x-3x (sometimes even 4x). Calendar synchronization between the channels is the hard part, but here is a video which shows that it can be easier than you thought.

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