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Room monitoring system

In the dynamic world of property management, staying ahead with technological innovation and operational efficiency is crucial. Hosthub recognizes the complexities and challenges faced by property managers and is dedicated to enhancing the services we provide to our users.
Our latest initiative is the integration with Alertify, an exceptional room-monitoring system. Alertify monitors for guest violations such as noise, indoor smoking, unauthorized parties, and environmental factors that could cause an uncomfortable stay such as temperature, humidity, mold risk, and air quality. This integration underscores our commitment to equipping property managers with the tools they need to ensure guest satisfaction and property integrity.


Introducing Alertify


Alertify is a noise-monitoring device suitable for any size of organization, from small short-term rental companies to large hotel chains. Hosthub has teamed up with Alertify to offer hosts a reliable way to safeguard their properties. Let’s see how Alertify protects your properties and prevents what you can’t predict:

  • 100% privacy compliant room-monitoring
    Protect your guests’ privacy by choosing Alertify which only tracks noise decibel levels and air particulate matter. These smart monitoring devices take a mere 5 minutes to set up and then you are simply able to ‘forget’ them while they monitor your properties for you. Equipped with a back-up battery, these devices are tamper-proof as they continue to monitor even when a guest has unplugged it.
  • Stay up to date with real-time notifications
    When a violation such as a raucous party or indoor smoking is picked up, your devices will swiftly notify you through SMS and email notifications. This way, you are in control of your properties and can quickly shutdown unauthorized parties and indoor smoking before it becomes out of hand and ends in costly damages.
  • Solid evidence for deposit chargebacks
    Rest assured that when a guest violation occurs, you will have solid evidence available immediately on the Alertify dashboard that can be downloaded into a pdf with the guests’ details on it. These violation reports can be used as evidence for guest violations when issuing a deposit charge or a fine.


The integration: Hosthub and Alertify


Integrating Hosthub with Alertify enhances your property management business by streamlining operations and improving security measures:


Map your units in Alertify’s dashboard
Seamlessly sync all your properties from Hosthub to Alertify, providing a clear overview of guest occupancy and simplifying property management and communication.

Automate alerting your guests of potential violations
Vacation rental managers now can automate alerts to guests for noise, smoking, or occupancy violations with Alertify’s newest Guest Alert feature. This proactive approach prevents over 90% of disruptions and smoking issues from escalating on the first notification, effectively averting potential larger problems.

Screen your guests for further security (coming soon)
Alertify’s upcoming Guest Screening Portal allows hosts to conduct thorough guest screenings through the Alertify dashboard. Customize screening questions, collect guest ID documents, and have guests acknowledge property rules like no smoking, no parties, and no excessive noise. This feature serves as crucial documentation for future dispute resolution or when issuing fines, ensuring swift and fair resolutions.


To sum it up, the alliance between Hosthub and Alertify provides property managers with an all-encompassing toolkit to elevate guest experiences, simplify property management processes, and handle incidents swiftly.
Explore the possibilities of integration with Alertify today!

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