Hosthub partners with Discoveroom to offer PMS services

and enable extended management features and services to STR owners and managers


In the vacation rental space, there are 2 main software categories: Channel Managers and PMS. Channel managers (like Hosthub) help STR hosts “upload” their properties on multiple rental platforms like Airbnb,, Expedia, Vrbo, etc in order to increase bookings and revenues, and then make sure all the calendars are synchronized in order to avoid double bookings.

In the second category, Property Management Systems help hosts or management companies issue invoices, manage tasks across multiple teams, manage customers and special requests, send email campaigns, manage expenses, and much more.

We are thus very proud and happy to announce our partnership with Discoveroom, one of the very few PMS systems for STRs and small hotels that offers native apps for Android and iOS besides its very user-friendly web app.

Hosthub customers can sign up for a 15-day free trial and also get a 50% discount on the monthly and annual plans, by using these discount codes: Hosthub2020Μ (for the monthly plan) and Hosthub2020Υ (annual). You can sign-up here

More about Discoveroom:

Discoveroom ( is a PMS for small lodging providers (VRs, BnB’s, GuestHouses, and small hotels) built to be easy to use and fast to learn. It’s one of the very few PMS systems globally with native mobile apps for Android and iOS for easy on-the-move operation. It can also help managers build their own websites with a direct booking engine.

Unique characteristics:

  • Tiered functionality according to the user’s needs
  • No limit of rooms/apartments/VR’s per account
  • Customizable billing module, that can accommodate the invoicing rules of most countries in the world
  • Highly praised mobile apps
  • Tested and reliable (6 years in the market)

Hosthub connects with Discoveroom via a custom-built direct API connection for real-time updates and seamless integration of bookings. Try them out now!

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