Hosthub one of top 15 European startups

Just a few weeks from the 5th place at SXSW startup competition, we are thrilled to announce that Hosthub (formerly Syncbnb) made the top 15 out of 507 startups over 3 rounds of elimination, and will present at the EU-Startups Summit in Barcelona alongside some of the most promising startups in Europe for 2018.

Petros and I co-founded Hosthub (formerly Syncbnb) a little more than a year ago and are immensely proud of our team and what we have accomplished in such a short time frame, and are super excited for the future!

If you are a Hosthub customer, you helped bring us to this moment, and we owe a huge THANK YOU.

See the full list at the EU-Startups announcement

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