How To Attract Millennials To Your Property And Make Sure They Leave a Good Review


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Last time, we talked about niche platforms to advertise your property on. This time, we’ll be suggesting ways to get the most bookings from a very niche target audience (Millennials) and actually make sure they have a good time. From personalization to optimizing your social media to integrating tech in your property – the opportunities are endless.

Millennials are a generation that values explicitly the experiences that come with travel, exploration, and adventure. They are known to specifically enjoy authentic experiences on their trips and appreciate the holiday home experience just as much as the trip itself. To sum it – Millennials are creative, social media savvy, and are known to be impulsive dreamers & doers.

So, let’s get straight to the point – how do you attract Millennials to your property or holiday rental?

Start by adding tech-savvy amenities.

The best way to make your holiday rental more appealing to Millennials and ensure that they leave a positive review is to add as many innovative amenities as possible. Millennials are always connected to their phones, laptops, tablets, iPads. You name it. One way to ensure that they have a great time (and a convenient one) is to make sure your house does not look or feel outdated.

Some examples include:

  • Free Netflix streaming.
  • High-speed WiFi.
  • Smart TVs,
  • Universal adapters and chargers.

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Put your bookings everywhere.

You need to make sure you put your bookings on as many rental websites as possible. This way, you make it easy for Millennials to find you on whatever device they’re using. To help with that, you should consider using a dedicated tool for syncing your rental calendar across different platforms. This way, you’ll make sure that you avoid double-bookings and keep all of your listings up to date.

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The more social media you use, the better.

There’s probably no better way to reach Millennials than by being everywhere on social media. Your marketing efforts need to be focused on all social media platforms – specifically Facebook, YouTube & Instagram. This is how you connect with Millennials who spend the majority of their time on social media – whether through their smartphones or laptops.

But just saying “use social media” isn’t enough. How do you use social media to connect with Millennials to make sure they’re attracted to your property, and leave a stellar review?

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Follow Millennials’ social media influencers, and check what they like and which places they stay at. Keep an eye on any reviews they put up so you can get a good general idea of how to optimize your holiday rental accordingly.
  • Start a blog and use it to expand your reach.
  • Always request social media reviews. There’s a massive chance that Millennials would stay at a place that was recommended by a friend or someone they follow vs. choosing a random property.

Pay extra attention to the way you design your house.

The first thing Millennials look at when they decide whether they’re going to pursue a property further or not is the general appearance of the house. The more Instagrammable the house is, the better. Think swinging chairs, infinity pools, jaw-dropping furniture, daybeds and, revolving beds. When you’re using multiple rental platforms, don’t forget to update all pictures across all platforms.

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Offer an experience rather than just a place to stay.

The most important thing for Millennials is adventures. That’s why having new experiences is absolutely essential. Instead of just a beautiful place to stay, make sure that you offer them a way to experience the culture in an interesting way. Mystery boxes, mini treasure hunts, or even a simple booklet with local tips and tricks work wonders.

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Emphasize surrounding locations.

Putting pictures of your property is, of course, important, but one thing that can turn a mediocre property into a stellar one is the location. Don’t strain your budget trying to add more amenities that you can’t afford, and instead highlight the best attractions near your property. Make sure to advertise every single metro station nearby, walking distances to major attractions and a lot more. Make sure the locations are updated when you sync rentals across different channels.

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Capitalize on outdoor experiences.

Millennials are known for their love of adventure. They are a generally curious bunch of people who love to explore, hike, go on adventures, and challenge themselves. If there are any parks, resorts, sports complexes, or trails near you, make sure to mention that. You can even consider providing them with amenities that cater to their on-the-go lifestyle.

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Focus on online content.

To attract Millennials to your property, you will need to do more than just having a great description. To capture their attention, start making videos, create a well-branded page, write blogs with tips & tricks, help them with all their travel inquiries, and much more.

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Do good.

Millennials are interested in being involved in charities and local causes and respect business owners who do so as well. Get involved with the surrounding community, give donations, give out a percentage of your booking earnings to growing communities, and watch Millennials start getting interested more in your property.

Be a little bit flexible.

A lot of Millennials enjoy hanging out with friends or throwing mini gatherings and parties. More often than not, Millennials are going to ignore your property if you don’t allow guests over. If your property has excellent amenities, let them benefit from it and enjoy it to the maximum.

Make it really easy to book.

Once Millennials have seen your booking and decided to book it, there will be one more thing you need to do. And that’s making it really easy to book. Millennials want to be able to quickly make a reservation – whether from their laptop or from their smartphone. This is a fast-paced generation, and your booking process needs to be just as fast.

Of course, if you’re not only relying on your own website to rent out your apartment, you’ll have little to no impact on the simplicity of the rental channels you’re using. But you can be sure that these companies are optimizing the user experience every day and want you to succeed. Because if you succeed they’ll earn money as well.

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Offer off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Millennials love nothing more than to travel like locals, and being part of that experience is essential. Offer them a welcome pack that tells them where to go and what to do (like a local!).

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Millennials are definitely a challenging audience. You have to know exactly how to cater to them and then they will leave you the review you really want. Catering your property listing to Millennials can be seen as a challenge, but for you to succeed, you need to learn how to satisfy the largest growing generation of renters out there.

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