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local partnerships
In today’s competitive vacation rental market, standing out is essential for success. While online travel agencies like Airbnb and can certainly help you reach a broad audience, there’s something to be said about the power of local partnerships.
The modern traveler is no longer just looking for a place to rest their head; they’re seeking an enriching, local experience. Developing strong relationships with local businesses and service providers not only enriches the guest experience but also provides a steady referral system that can keep your property booked all year long.


The importance of  local partnerships

Before diving into the “how,” let’s discuss the “why.”

Local partnerships offer several advantages:

  • Authenticity
    Guests often seek local experiences, and who better to guide them than local business owners? Providing guests with a pre-approved list of local businesses you personally endorse elevates their stay from basic lodging to a curated local experience.
  • Trust
    A recommendation from a trusted local entity lends your vacation rental credibility.
  • Revenue
    Establishing strategic alliances with local businesses can create a steady stream of guests, offering a buffer against seasonal demand variability. These partnerships enable both vacation rental owners and local businesses to leverage each other’s customer networks, thereby broadening and enriching their respective client bases. Such cross-promotional initiatives serve as a mutually beneficial arrangement, which is an especially effective and low-risk marketing strategy for emerging or smaller-scale vacation rentals looking to solidify their brand presence.
  • Community Building
    Beyond the direct benefits, local partnerships are a cornerstone for sustainable tourism and economic growth. They create a sense of community and encourage travelers to engage more deeply with their temporary homes.


Identifying potential partners

local market

Look for businesses that offer services or products complementary to what your guests would need.

  • Restaurants and cafés
    Consider partnerships with local dining establishments. Guests need to eat, and a restaurant that knows it can expect patrons from your rental is more likely to send business your way in return.
  • Activity providers
    Whether it’s a sailing school, a yoga retreat, or a local tour guide, think about the activities near your property that guests might enjoy.
  • Local shops
    Artisanal stores, local markets, and gift shops are all places where your guests might want to pick up a souvenir.
  • Transport services
    Airport shuttle services, local taxi companies, or bike rental services can provide mutually beneficial partnerships.


The pitch

You’ve identified potential partners; now you need to convince them that a partnership is advantageous. It’s essential to craft a personalized proposal when approaching potential partners. Highlight the mutual benefits, such as shared audience characteristics or seasonal trends that both businesses can leverage.

  • Personalized approach
    Always tailor your pitch to the individual business. Explain explicitly how the partnership could benefit them.
  • Transparency
    Be clear about what you’re offering in exchange for their partnership.
  • The trial run
    Suggest a limited-time partnership at first. If it works well for both parties, the partnership can grow into a more extensive, long-term agreement.


Structuring the partnership

The structure you choose will serve as the foundation upon which all future partnership activities are built.

  • Commission or Discounts
    Some partners might prefer a commission for every booking they send your way, while others might prefer you offer their customers a unique discount.
  • Cross-Promotion
    This could be as simple as leaving flyers or offering a welcome package that includes small items or coupons from your local partners. Simple strategies like swapping social media shoutouts or featuring each other’s logos on your respective websites can be incredibly effective.
  • Guest Experience Packages
    Create guest experience packages that include special deals on local activities, meals, or shopping.

*Tip: You can use dedicated software, like Tourmie, to manage all your business partners in one place and automate all the communications between you, partners, and guests.


Legality and formal agreements

Always formalize partnerships through written agreements, outlining each party’s commitments, responsibilities, and exit strategies. This not only protects all parties but also ensures everyone is aligned on objectives and deliverables.

An often overlooked but essential part of any partnership agreement is the exit strategy. In the event that the partnership needs to be dissolved, having a clear plan for how assets will be divided, how outstanding liabilities will be addressed, and what steps will be taken to inform stakeholders ensures a smoother separation.


Monitoring and adapting

After the partnership has been active for a period, assess its effectiveness. Track how many guests take advantage of the partnership through simple metrics like coupon redemptions, special booking codes, or customer surveys.
Use this data to adapt and grow your partnership strategies. By fostering a culture of regular review and adaptation, you’ll be better positioned to maximize the value of the partnership for both parties.


The power of reviews

Finally, remember that reviews go both ways. Encourage your guests to review not only your property but also your local partners. More positive reviews can help all parties involved.


Local partnerships offer a sustainable and effective way to market your vacation rental. These collaborations provide a win-win situation, enhancing your guests’ experiences while boosting local businesses. The first step is identifying who to partner with, then crafting a compelling pitch, followed by structuring the partnership in a way that benefits both parties. With the correct approach and ongoing management, local partnerships can become one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal.

After all, in the realm of vacation rentals, we’re not just hosts; we’re ambassadors for our local communities.

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