Say ‘I do’ to profit: Transforming your rental into a dream wedding destination

Interested in turning your vacation rental into an enchanting wedding venue and tapping into a lucrative market? With couples searching for personalized and unconventional alternatives, you might be sitting on a goldmine.

Traditional wedding venues often come with staggering costs, prompting couples to explore more affordable solutions. The cookie-cutter approach no longer suffices; couples crave unique, intimate settings for their special day.

From luxury oceanfront villas to cozy country homes, if your vacation home boasts ample outdoor space, consider it a prime candidate for hosting small-scale weddings. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll equip you with everything you need to know to capitalize on this opportunity. Let’s dive in!


Why market your vacation rental as a wedding location?

Transforming your vacation rentals into wedding venues will:

  • Diversify and amplify your income
    As a property owner, you can charge premium rates for hosting weddings, resulting in higher profit. This way, you can avoid seasonal fluctuations and stop relying solely on booking platforms.
  • Increase your visibility
    Weddings come with long guest lists, exposing your rentals to multiple people. This might lead to returning guests who choose your home for anniversaries and city breaks. Additionally, delighted guests leave positive reviews, post happy pictures on social media, and spread positive word of mouth. Increased exposure can bring even more business and weddings.
  • Boost your occupancy rates
    Short-term rentals usually get booked for just a couple of days. On the other hand, weddings require extended stays and bookings in advance. This can secure your financial stability and prolong your average stay duration.
  • Offer a unique selling point
    Competition in vacation rentals is fierce. To stand out in the industry, you must find a distinctive characteristic that sets you apart. Transforming your vacation rental into a wedding venue is a stellar way to offer something unique.

Outdoor wedding in vacation rentals

How can a short-term rental qualify as a wedding venue?


Not all properties can qualify as a vacation rental wedding venue. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before turning your rental into a wedding location:

  • Do you have ample space?
    Make sure your rental offers separate areas for the ceremony, the reception, and the parties, with a large garden and a spacious interior.
  • Is your house accessible?
    Keep in mind that elderly people or guests with disabilities might find it difficult to climb stairs or roll a wheelchair on the grass. Additionally, your property should offer parking spaces not only for guests but also for professionals (like catering and music) bringing in equipment.
  • Can you accommodate multiple guests?
    You want to be sure that your house can welcome all guests without making them feel cramped.
  • What amenities does your property offer?
    An outdoor swimming pool, a breathtaking ocean view, or a fully-equipped kitchen can be valuable assets to enhance the couple’s and guests’ experience.
  • What are the local regulations?
    Before you turn your home into a grand wedding party, learn about local requirements. This includes acquiring a permit, respecting noise ordinances, and complying with zoning laws. You don’t want any fines or legal repercussions.
  • Is your house placed in a unique location?
    A stunning location can make or break your vacation rental wedding venue, whether it’s stunning mountain views, rural landscapes, or enchanting forests.

Market your vacation rental wedding venue

How to transform your vacation rental into a wedding venue?


To transform your property into a wedding venue, follow these steps:

1. Prepare your property

  • Event spaces: decide which areas will be used for the ceremony, the reception, the photos, the parties, or other couple or guest needs.
  • Restrooms: clean restrooms are a must for good first impressions, and depending on the size of your property, you might consider offering separate ones for men and women. Ensure there are visible signs guiding guests to the bathroom.
  • Tables and seating: provide chairs and tables as well as complimentary equipment like linens to all guests.
  • Amenities: guests will expect a fast Wi-fi network, air conditioning and heating, kid-friendly equipment, and other amenities. Offer them the creme de la creme to have their needs met.
  • Parking: it should be well-lit and accessible to both guests and staff, with enough room for all vehicles.
  • Catering area: depending on your agreement with catering providers, you’ll probably need a commercial kitchen, food prep stations, and designated spaces for the catering staff to do their job.
  • Lighting and sound: ensure all spaces have proper lighting and crisp sound for a vibrant atmosphere. This could translate to investing in professional equipment or making arrangements with sound and light professionals.

Transform your short-term rental into a wedding location

2. Define the Agreement

  • Agreement: setting clear expectations is the first step to a successful business. Create an agreement outlining the terms and conditions for renting your vacation rental as a wedding venue. Include information such as the rental fee, the number of guests allowed, the duration of stay, or any alcohol and noise restrictions. Additionally, touches on subjects like increased liability, insurance, and property damage. Then, have both the couple and the vendors sign it.
  • Deposit: asking for an upfront deposit will give you peace of mind that guests accept your rental agreement and commit to paying for a large part of their stay. Additionally, it’ll save you from last-minute cancellations, accounting for any expenses you underwent.
  • Cancellation policy: unlike short-term stays, weddings are special events that require planning for months. Establish a clear cancellation policy that protects you as a property owner to avoid impromptu cancellations from couples. Cover supplier expenses as well as lost profits from reserving your rental for the couple’s big day.

Vacation rental wedding venue

3. Offer Additional Services

  • Transportation
    For a complete guest experience, consider going the extra mile with tailor-made services. You can provide them as add-ons to further increase profits. For instance, arrange transportation of guests with cabs, buses, or limos, or even offer to drive them yourself.
  • Photographer, videographer
    Know of any local photographers specializing in weddings? Let the bride and groom know and offer to make arrangements on their behalf.
  • Catering
    Depending on your business model, you can offer guests a buffet with various menu options to ensure premium quality with local vendors.
  • Music
    Weddings are for partying, so don’t hesitate to recommend music or entertainment options. Be sure to offer electrical outlets or a stage where musicians can play.
  • Spa, makeup, or hair salon
    The couple will want to look their best on their wedding day and seek self-care and pampering services. This is your chance to partner with talented makeup artists, hairdressers, and local spas to offer them the whole experience.

Event fees for vacation rental wedding venue


Hopping on the trend of small wedding house rentals is a rewarding venture that can prove fruitful for the longevity of your short-term rental business. With these tips, you now have the tools to set up your properties for success.

Running a vacation rental is one thing, but planning a whole wedding venue is another. Having a Channel Manager and PMS like Hosthub will help you save time and money while improving operations. From better managing your cleaning providers to setting the perfect prices for your wedding location, don’t miss the opportunity to expand your business effortlessly. Register for a free trial today!

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