Hosthub’s New Partnership With ASTRHO

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with the non-profit organization ASTRHO! 

Syncbnb is partnering with AstroHere’s what that means for you and how you can take advantage of it:

Introducing ASTRHO

The Association for Short-Term Rental Homeowners (ASTRHO) is a not-for-profit professional network for any homeowners renting their stays for short-term purposes.

ASTRHO’s main purpose is to bring these renters together as a community to collaborate and learn together, giving them unique perks and benefits, like access to learning resources by experts on marketing and home repair. 

Homeowners can also use ASTRHO to meet their legal obligations, improve their guests’ experience, and achieve financial success through multiple strategies.

Since ASTRHO is a non-profit organization, you can trust them to find truly unbiased content, where the main purpose is to help you learn and connect with others, not sell you things you don’t need or want.

Where does ASTRHO fit?

As you may already know, all kinds of hotels, resorts, and even vacation managers are supported by multiple different associations where they can learn and connect with each other.

ASTRHO is an association exclusively focused on short-term rental owners and people interested in becoming one to help them market their stays, connect them with people, and improve their strategies.

With ASTRHO, you can ensure your short-term rental homestays remain safe, legal, and successful.

professional network for any homeowners renting their stays for short-term purposes.

Who is ASTRHO for?

ASTHRO is mainly for three kinds of people:

  • STR homeowners who self-manage and are looking to increase their marketing strategies and find ways to improve their stays.
  • Potential STR investors who are looking for legal advice, insurance options, and income analysis.
  • STR homeowners who want to become property managers and are looking for legal requirements, payment terms, and even one-on-one with experienced property managers through a mentor-mentee program.

Anyone can access these benefits for only $10 per month, which goes to fund ASTRHO’s basic resources and to support the community.

What ASTRHO doesn’t do

ASTRHO is focused to service homeowners only, so it’s not for professional managers or organizations in the hospitality business.

It’s also not focused on long stays, so it’s not for anyone looking to rent their stay for six months or more.

Finally, ASTRHO doesn’t aim to antagonize or compete with any other organization. Instead, its main purpose is to give private short-term rental homeowners an association to learn and find a community.

Benefits of joining ASTRHO

ASTRHO provides a lot of value for those $10 a month. Here are a few:

Learning resources

Learning resourcesASTRHO can give you access to webinars and learning courses made by experts on the field. You can use them to learn how to take better photos, how to handle the legal side of things, how to better market your stay, and how to manage your investment and expenses, to name a few.

With these learning resources, you’ll be able to clear any doubts you may have about short-term vacation rental homeownership through educational articles, e-courses, guides, and checklists.

Access to a large community

With ASTRHO, you can also interact with a community of people like you, who have the same concerns and issues as you may have.

This can help you learn from the experts on your area on how to take advantage of local trends and customs to better market your local stay. Find groups that are interested in the same things as you, like LGBTQ or Regulatory Advocacy groups.

You can also interact and learn from local homeowners on the local COVID regulations, tech recommendations, and other local tips and tricks targeted directly to your area.

All in real-time, with real people.

Unique perks and benefits

ASTRHO also gives you exclusive member discounts on many of the stores you’re probably already using for your homestay.

With these discounts, you can save up to 60% off for Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Microsoft Store, FedEx, VistaPrint, Simplisafe, T-Mobile, and Sam’s Club.

You can also get discounts with ASTRHO’s multiple corporate sponsors. Check them out here.

Unique networking opportunities

In ASTRHO, you won’t just find homeowners like you, you’ll also find ways to develop professional relationships with the people you need to make your short-term rental thrive.

You can connect with people from the local community, insurance representatives, legal representatives, and even special topic groups like LGBTQ-focused groups in your area.

You can also use the platform to find personal recommendations for local services and reliable home workers and service providers.

That way, you’ll make sure the people you connect with and hire are reliable people with a proven track record among the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions:

Who’s behind ASTRHO?

ASTRHO was created by homeowners and industry experts looking to form a community of like-minded people to support each other.

Why ASTRHO and not just a free Facebook group?

ASTRHO gives you far more than any Facebook group can give you. It gives you access to content exclusively curated by homeowners, to homeowners. 

It also gives you access to several communities of homeowners, not just the one, so you can find the right community for the right purpose, right at ASTRHO.

By being non-profit and fully transparent, homeowners can trust ASTRHO not to push for any service or product that won’t be of use to the community, and to only allow and produce high-quality, relevant content for them.

Can users who haven’t started renting homes join ASTRHO?

Yes, anyone looking to get into the short-term rental business can join ASTRHO to learn and solve all their doubts. 

They can also use it to connect with other people, find out about their struggles, and even take advantage of the mentor-mentee program to learn from experienced homeowners and find ways to make their stay more profitable and better for their guests.

Finally, aspiring short-term rental homeowners can take advantage of ASTRHO’s perks and benefits to get discounts on repairs, furniture, and much more.

How much does ASTRHO cost?

ASTRHO only costs $10 per month. You can also pay $100 per year if you want to get the most out of your investment.

Take advantage of the free 14-day trial period and experience this new community of homeowners – click here to sign up.

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