Vacation Rental Market Survey 2016-2017

[Note: This post was written on Feb 11, 2017, and is still one of our most popular posts in terms of visits]

Hi! I’m Alex, co-founder of Hosthub, and this is our first blog post.

Both my co-founder Petros and I are vacation rental owners besides IT professionals. We realized early on that by listing our properties on multiple channels (Airbnb, HomeAway,, Tripadvisor, Expedia, 9flats, Wimdu, etc) we were doubling and even tripling our revenue. However, when you are listed on multiple channels, whenever you get a booking from one of them, you have to visit all the others and update the calendars so you don’t get double bookings. We set out to find a service that would do that for us (they’re called vacation rental channel managers) but found none that combined a) ease of use b) reliability and c) affordable pricing. That’s when we decided to build Hosthub.

However, we wanted to corroborate our findings with market data. Again, we couldn’t find any market research on the issue of channels managers and how satisfied their users are, so we decided to run our own survey. Using an amazing survey platform called Pollfish, we managed to gather 1200 responses to our poll from vacation rental owners and managers from all over the world, but mainly the US and Europe.

The results were what we expected, and then some!

Click here to see the results of the Vacation Rental Market Survey 2016-2017

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