Welcome Pickups: Make extra revenue by automating arrival transfers to your homes

Welcome Pickups offers the best arrival transfer services in Europe by selecting, training, and working with the top English-speaking drivers of every city they operate in.

About 1 Million travelers have already used their transfer services to be picked up from Airports, Train Stations, or Ports in around 40 destinations in Europe.

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Over 600 Hotels are using Welcome Pickups

In Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy hoteliers choose to work with Welcome Pickups to automate their pre-scheduled Airport pickups for their guests. Hotels select Welcome Pickups to:

  • Make extra revenue from well scheduled, pre-arrival private transfers for their guests
  • Offer a 5-star reviewed service and increase their own review rates
  • Optimize their operations by knowing the exact Arrival Time of their guests, monitoring flight delays, anticipating families who arrive with baby-seats in the car, and more

Usually, 4+ star hotels and boutique hotels use Welcome Pickups, however, since the service and setup are free, smaller hoteliers are getting on board as well.


To offer its services, the company has direct integration with the biggest hotel channel managers and property management systems including Hosthub and more.

Currently, 60 new hotels per month are joining the Welcome Pickups network.

Welcome Pickups  is now available for BnB Hosts

Building on their experience from Hotels, the Welcome Pickups team truly believes that their product is even more relevant for BnB Hosts and Property Management Companies.

As Savvas Georgiou, co-founder of the company, says: “We really believe that the service is even more relevant for BnB hosts and their guests for lots of reasons. Why?

  1. These properties are most often located a bit further away from the central Metro/Train/Bus station and the arrival experience can be a mad moment for BnB guests.
  2. Property managers don’t have a 24/7 reception. Knowing the exact arrival time, flight delays, and having access to call / Whatsapp the driver of their guest can really save them time and stress in their day-to-day operations.
  3. BnB Hosts are great at adopting new technologies and ideas! Since our service is free, we expect the feedback of thousands of BnB Hosts very soon.

How it works

When you sign up with basic details, the Welcome Pickups team will prepare for you a single landing page for each home you have.

Having this page, you can update your pre-arrival communication with your guests to suggest them to book their arrival ride via this page. The benefit for the guest is that it is a 5-star reviewed, well-priced service. Furthermore, if they book, you as a host will also know their arrival details and have access to their driver, so you can monitor them until they are properly checked in.

When your guest books, you will be notified via email with their booking details.

Welcome Pickups assigns one driver for every ride and gives you access to his contact information. All Welcome Pickups drivers use Whatsapp so that you can quickly contact them if needed.

Finally, every month you will receive an agreed amount of money based on the operated transfers that Welcome Pickups did for you.


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