Why adding plants to your vacation rental is a brilliant idea

Why adding plants to your vacation rental is a brilliant idea

In the vacation rental industry, the aesthetic appeal of your property plays a pivotal role in attracting guests. While furniture and fixtures are crucial, plants offer a unique opportunity to breathe life into your space. But is it a good idea to add plants to your vacation rental? Absolutely, and here’s why, along with some pro tips to help you maintain them effortlessly.


Plants: A living decor that makes your rental stand out

A welcoming atmosphere

Plants automatically bring a sense of warmth and welcoming to any space. Their vibrant green leaves can turn even the most sterile apartment into a cozy, inviting environment. Your guests will appreciate the extra effort, and it will also make your property photographs stand out on listing websites.


A versatile design element

Whether your rental property has a minimalist, bohemian, or rustic theme, plants can fit seamlessly into any design concept. They provide a neutral yet lively aesthetic, allowing your guests to feel at home while still enjoying a fresh, unique atmosphere.


Improve indoor air quality

Some plants like the spider plant, snake plant, and Boston fern are known for their air-purifying qualities. They can improve indoor air quality by removing toxins, and making the environment healthier for your guests.


How to care for your plants in a vacation rental

Why adding plants to your vacation rental is a brilliant idea

Choose low-maintenance plants

Pick plants that are forgiving when it comes to watering schedules and light conditions. Hardy plants like snake plants, spider plants, and pothos are excellent choices.


Hire or outsource care

If you’re not nearby to water and care for the plants yourself, consider asking your cleaning staff or a local friend to do so. Some professional services specifically care for plants, so you can also explore that option.


Set reminders for seasonal maintenance

Use a calendar or reminder app to set alerts for seasonal plant care tasks like repotting, fertilizing, and pruning.


Create a plant care guide

Leave a simple plant care guide in your property, so guests know how to take care of the plants if they want to. This will help them enjoy their stay more while also aiding in plant maintenance.


Top picks: Best plants for your vacation rental

  1. Spider Plant: Low maintenance and purifies the air.
  2. Pothos: Requires minimal light and is easy to care for.
  3. Snake Plant: Thrives in varying light conditions and needs less frequent watering.
  4. Pilea: A trendy, decorative plant that’s forgiving if you forget to water it.
  5. Spathiphyllum: Known for its beautiful white flowers and easy recovery from neglect.
  6. Ivy: Great for bathrooms or kitchens as it thrives in humid conditions.


Alternatives to live plants

If live plants seem too cumbersome to maintain, you can opt for realistic-looking artificial plants or even chic dried flowers. Other alternatives include decorative objects made from wicker or woven straw to bring that natural element into the space.


Elevate your guest experience with plants

A tastefully decorated and well-equipped vacation rental is the cornerstone of a great guest experience. By adding plants to your rental property, you not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also create a healthier, more inviting atmosphere for your guests.

So go ahead, let your vacation rental go green, and watch your bookings bloom!



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