Coolstays is a vacation rental website, which showcases unique and unusual places to stay in the UK, Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. It has a growing portfolio of more than 2000 hand-picked extraordinary properties to stay in, including glamping options such as gypsy caravans, shepherds huts, tipis, yurts, tents, and cabins; luxury treehouses and cave houses; cool conversions such as planes, trains, boats, buses, churches, windmills, lighthouses, and deluxe beach huts; as well as the coolest quintessential cottages, villas, B&Bs and boutique hotels. It’s great for listing a cool place with something different and special about them.


Targeting: Coolstays caters to audiences from all over the world, who are looking for an extraordinary place to stay during their vacations instead of a basic, normal one.

  • Founded: 2013 (UK) 
  • Short-term rental properties: 2000+
  • Commission: subscription fee (annual, quarterly, monthly)
  • Payments: Channel collects payments


  • No commission fees
  • It’s basically a marketing platform, which will advertise your property properly based on your subscription model
  • Owners have full control of who stays in their properties, by accepting booking requests from potential guests 
  • Listing in a unique collection will give prestige to your property
  • They do not ask for exclusivity – you can market with them and on any other platform


  • Not very good customer service
  • In order for owners to list, they need to offer a unique, unusual place to guests
  • Guests cannot book directly from coolstay

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