Glamping Hub

Glamping Hub

Glamping Hub, a.k.a Glamorous Camping is the leading portal for unique outdoor accommodations across the globe. It caters to travelers who love the great outdoors, and they currently have properties listed in 115 different countries. Glamping Hub has a team of in-house writers who create the listings on behalf of hosts and they provide top-quality support 7-days a week. On average, Glamping Hub receives over 500.000 monthly sessions from more than 350.000 users.

Glamping Hub

Targeting: Guests, typically couples and families, followed by groups of friends that are looking for a place where they can make a meaningful connection with nature. Its most successful destinations are California, Texas, New York, Washington, and Colorado. Internationally, the top destinations are British Columbia and Ontario in Canada, and New South Wales, Australia.

  • Founded: 2013 (USA)
  • Short term rental properties: 35.000 hand-picked rentals
  • Commission: 4% on each booking
  • Payments: Channel collects payments


  • Easy-to-use tool & modern dashboard 
  • Professional travel writers that personally enhance the search engine ranking of your retreat, through the use of researched keywords and SEO (search engine optimization) principles
  • 125k+ followers on social media platforms and specialized PR team


  • Not good customer support
  • Hosts can get many requests for booking their properties. Until hosts accept one request, the website shows the availability of their property, and guests can continue to send requests. This leads to decline requests and unpleasant customers, which may not try booking again your property.

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