is a global rental website for people seeking to rent a room in another person’s home. Each homestay has a host, who welcomes and offers guidance and assistance to their guests. allows guests to experience a real and genuine travel experience, giving them the chance to live with and like a local and see what life is really about in the place they are visiting. Guests will learn the local customs and traditions, practice the local language, and get to know the people, which make the place what it is. provides affordable alternative places to stay in over 176 countries.

Targeting: appeals to audiences around the world. It focuses on holiday-goers, international students and interns, and professionals. 

  • Founded: 2013 (USA) 
  • Short term rental properties: 63.000+
  • Commission: 15% (guest) per booking
  • Payments:  Channel and  host collects payments


  • You can rent a single room, and earn extra money
  • You can rent your room from Monday to Friday, and keep the weekends to yourself
  • Free sign-up, free listing-no commission
  • Great way to socialize and meet new people from all over the world


  • You will have to live with the guests and spend a little time with them, offering them assistance and guidance

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