Theater Digs Booker

Theatre Digs Booker

Theater Digs Booker is the number one short-term rental website for the United Kingdom’s theatre industry. Theater Digs Booker addresses actors and singers who are touring or have to stay for a while away from home due to work. It helps bring together like-minded hosts with art professionals. The Theater Digs Booker hosts support their local theatre by renting their spare rooms, allowing touring art professionals to stay in local, friendly, and clean places while they are performing. 

Theater Digs Booker

Targeting: Theater Digs Booker is targeted towards the small community of touring theatre professionals in the United Kingdom. Theatre professionals can range from performers to lighting technicians, stage management, wigs and wardrobe designers, crew, and many more roles.

  • Founded: 2010 (United Kingdom) 
  • Short term rental properties: thousands of rooms
  • Targeting: UK
  • Commission: 10% per booking
  • Payments:  Channel and host collects payments


  • Supporting the theatre industry
  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Earning extra money from renting a spare room


  • Renting your spare room only when a tour is visiting your local theatre
  • Sharing your home with the guests

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