Is Hosthub a Channel Manager & PMS?

Yes, Hosthub is an all-in-one solution for your short-term rental properties.

Hosthub helps short-term rental owners and managers manage their bookings across multiple channels, avoid double bookings and also save time and money converting manual tasks to automatic ones. Hosthub’s Channel Manager is the only one that can synchronize bookings across over 200 channels with a 100% success rate and a Zero Double Booking Guarantee. In addition to vacation rental channels, Hosthub can synchronize your calendars on both Property Management Systems (PMS) and Content Management Systems (CMS). Learn more here

Main Services:

  • Channel Manager
  • Property Management System
  • Revenue Booster
  • Website Builder
  • Booking Engine

Additional features:

  • Expense Management
  • Reports & Charts
  • Team Access
  • Automated messaging
  • Smart Pricing
  • Cleaning & Task Management
  • Mobile Check-in


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