I only operate my rental a few months each year. Can I get a discount? Do you have an “off-season” mode?

Well, actually, we do!

But first, something important: Even if you only rent your home for a few months (e.g. during the summer) you are getting bookings all year long, and that’s when you need your calendars synchronized! That means that it’s just as important to have synchronized calendars during your off-season, as it is during your high season.

That said, here’s what we can offer: If you are certain that you will not receive any new bookings on your calendar for a few months, then you can switch any of your rentals to “off-season” mode and only pay $3 per rental per month.

In off-season mode, everything works as before, and as soon as you get your first activity event on your calendar we will automatically switch you to your normal plan. You can switch back to “off-season” if you like, but you can only do this twice in one calendar year.


In order to activate the “off-season” mode, go to the ”Rentals” dashboard, select the rental of your choice, click ”Manage Subscription” and ”Switch to off-season mode”.



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