Owner portal for vacation rental managers

The Owner Portal feature provides an easy, automated way for vacation rental managers to share information with property owners.

Let property owners see full reports & statistics, check calendar availability, and have restricted edit access (blocking days and adding bookings) to all or specific properties. 

Hosthub offers an owner portal through Team Management. You can give property owners specific access to your account to keep them in the loop.  More specifically, you can give them one of the following accesses, depending on what you want them to see and do:

Property Owner: Can see bookings, calendars, and reports for his/her properties only. Can’t edit anything that was not created by him/her.
Property Owner – Reporting: Everything a property owner can do except receive notifications for new bookings.

Based on their assigned role, owners can have access to the following information:

Bookings: Bookings for the owner’s properties from all the channels.

Multi Calendar: Calendar with all the bookings for the owner’s properties from all the channels in one single dashboard.

Reports: Full reports containing performance and financial statistics for the owner’s properties.