Webinar 02/04/2019: Listing your Short Term Rental on Multiple Channels 🏡

Have you been thinking of listing your STR on multiple channels? Are you already listing on a few channels and thinking of listing on more? Are you wondering which channels you should list on? 🤔

If you answered “yes” on any of these questions, then this webinar is for you! 

We had a look at some of the most popular vacation rental channels, discussed their pros and cons, pointed out important tips and tricks to make them work best and much more. There is also a 30 minute Q&A session where we answered to the most important questions upvoted by our attendees! 🔝

One of the most successful vacation rental owners we have ever met with more than 1000 bookings from one single property was there with us with his amazing insights and advice!


Want to save time? Check the 🔝 5 questions (upvoted by our attendees) in 2-3 minute videos we have made just for you!📺


❓ Why should I use a Channel Manager when I can simply Synchronize by using iCal connectivity?


❓ How Much More Money can I make by Listing my Rental on Multiple Channels?


❓ How do I know what Pricing Scheme to choose for my Vacation Rental when listing it on Airbnb, etc?


❓ If I List my Rentals on Multiple Channels where should I tell my Guests to leave their Reviews?


❓ Which are the Best Channels to List my Vacation Rental apart from Airbnb and Booking .com?




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