5 reasons you can’t afford to miss the Book Direct Show on 29-30 Sep 2020

As we’ve written many times in the past, any vacation rental host that is serious about his business needs to find ways to increase his/her direct bookings. Although not always easy, direct bookings are the best way for a VR business to increase its revenue and gradually build its own brand. It can’t be done overnight, but with proper guidance and a well thought out strategy it’s perfectly achievable.

Although direct bookings are one of the most important aspects of a VR business, there wasn’t too much content online about this topic until recently. The huge outcry against the large OTAs policies during Covid has shifted the landscape and now more and more owners, managers and hosts are looking into direct bookings as not just a viable alternative but in many cases as a central strategy for sustainability and growth. This has in turn increased the need for such content, with hosts all over the world searching for direct booking related information, guides and feedback.

Enter the Book Direct Show

Damian Sheridan and his team have been working hard for the past 6+ months to prepare a world class event, where more than 50 industry professionals will present strategies, actionable insights and tried and tested methodologies to help hoteliers, short-term rental hosts and serviced accommodation providers increase their direct bookings and stand above the crowd. The event is spread across 2 days (29 & 30 September 2020) and is held online at https://conference.bookdirect.show

To say that this event is unmissable is simply an understatement. There is no other place right now to find so much quality content from such leading authorities in their fields – organized into well thought out sessions and categories to help all attendees absorb and retain as much information as possible. Hosthub is more than proud to be an official Sponsor of the event and we hope you’ll spread the word and help others too.

But that’s not all. Here are the 5 reasons you cannot miss this event:

  1. Amazing content
    Just have a look at the presentations related to short term rentals and you’ll understand why it’s important to attend. With topics ranging from revenue management and customer segmentation to marketing mindsets and guest experiences, this show is a mini-MBA for hospitality pros and non-pros alike.
  2. Actionable insights
    Many of the presentations have actionable insights, step by step guides, tried and tested strategies and hands-on processes to help you turn information into actions and start getting those much coveted direct bookings right away.
  3. Your best chance to stand above the crowd
    Hospitality is in the deepest crisis of it’s history and vacation rentals have taken a hit in most parts of the world. Properties with 90% occupancy have now dropped to 10% or 20%, and hosts all over the world have had to rethink their methods and strategies to attract guests. Your best chance to stand above the crowd and become the preferred option for travelers is to nail the book direct strategy – and the Book Direct Show is your best weapon in this battle.
  4. World class speakers
    Have a look at the lineup. World class, period. Heather Bayer from Vacation Rental Formula, Mark Simpson from Boostly, Moriya Rockman from Smiling House, Chris Maughan from I-PRAC and dozens of other industry experts and CEOs will be sharing their best kept secrets for a very simple reason: they all want to see direct bookings increasing for all of us.
  5. Learn how to build your own direct booking website for less than $100
    I am also one of the speakers, with a presentation titled  “How to build your own direct booking website for short term rentals for less than $100“. This is a video commentary on the step by step guide that is already available online here. For the first time ever, there is an easy to follow guide available that anyone can use to build their own property website with direct booking capabilities, accept payments, setup cancellation policies, the works. If you cant wait for September 30th, you can try it out right away. You can also watch a short teaser and an interview I gave to the wonderful Deborah Labi about direct bookings here: https://conference.bookdirect.show/alex-caravitis/
  6. Hosthub is offering discounts to it’s readers and customers
    Yes, I lied, there are 6 reasons and no, I’m not changing the title. If you’re a Hosthub customer, you’re entitled to a 25% discount for all tickets to the show – just talk to us on the live chat on the bottom right of this page or send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll send you your discount code. If you’re not a customer but you’re reading this right now, you can still grab a ticket for 10% less by using the discount code HOSTHUB10 – a small thank you for getting this far down the blog post 🙂

There’s no other way to put it: This event is simply UNMISSABLE. See you all there!

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