Easter vacation 2024: How to prepare your short-term rentals

Easter vacation is just around the corner, and for those who celebrate it, this is a prime opportunity to gift themselves a nice trip. As a property owner, Easter, summer, and New Year’s are considered high-season, with demand for accommodation rising. Hosts receive bookings for their vacation rentals at much higher prices, ultimately increasing their profit.

We suspect your preparations are already in full swing, with less than a month to go. To get the most out of the peak Easter season, we’ve rounded up our top tips for making your rentals even more attractive to guests. From sprucing up your pricing strategy to arranging small surprises for guests, don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

Easter vacation: how to prepare the perfect vacation rental

11 Tips to make your rentals the perfect destination for Easter vacation

1. Freshen up your listing

Your property listing is the first thing potential guests see before booking and can make or break the success of your vacation home. We highly recommend keeping your photos updated and relevant throughout all seasons. Try to match the holiday to images that portray guests’ activities during their stay.

For example, decorate your house with vibrant flowers and Easter eggs and post pictures that display them on social media. This will instantly set you apart from the competition, depicting an inviting on-theme atmosphere.

2. Set seasonal prices

During peak season, demand for vacation rentals rises. As a result, property owners can raise their prices and generate more revenue. However, setting a price for short-term rentals is no picnic. Bitting too high, and you might push visitors away, ending up booking with your competitors.

Bitting too low, and you’ll be leaving money on the table. Find the golden ratio by considering your property’s unique features, checking what the competition does, and using dynamic pricing software like PriceLabs.

3. Get your cleaning providers ready

Arrivals, departures, no-shows, forgotten items, late check-in, and so on. During Easter vacation, you’ll have a lot on your plate, with guests coming in and out of your rentals like buzzing bees in the hive. The last thing you want is unreliable cleaners.

Cleanliness is among the most frequent guest complaints during the high season, often leading to bad reviews. To avoid unhappy clients, hire a reliable cleaning company beforehand and give them a checklist to follow. Orion by ICARE can help you keep housekeeping on autopilot with a single calendar for both reservations and cleaning providers.

Prepare your vacation homes for Easter vacation 2024

4. Create Easter promotions

Consider offering an Easter discount or a last-minute deal to avoid vacant days in your calendar. For example, if you have a direct-booking website, create a discount code for guests to apply on checkout. This will increase your bookings and help you stay competitive.

Another idea is offering Easter package deals, including discounts to local restaurants, a champagne or gift basket, and tickets to a local Easter event. Make this a 360-degree experience for guests to create a memorable stay. Finally, promote gift vouchers for your rentals on social media for last-minuters who have no idea what to gift their loved ones.

5. Put up Easter decorations

Adding a festive spirit to your vacation rentals can truly set you apart from the rest. You don’t have to go overboard; a little effort can put your guests in the Easter mood. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Seasonal ornaments (like egg garlands)
  • Vibrant flowers (like tulips and daffodils)
  • Hanging eggs
  • Easter baskets
  • Bunnies
  • Candleholders

Easter vacation 2024: tips to make your vacation rental stand out

6. Offer holiday-themed welcome baskets

Since this is the season of giving, consider gifting guests an arrival present as a sign of generosity and appreciation. A decorative welcome basket with local delicacies, hot chocolate, and pies can go a long way. Add a festive Easter mug and a plate of delicious homemade cookies to go the extra mile.

Also, a handwritten note thanking guests for their stay can convey your enthusiasm for trusting you with their accommodation. You can even include tickets to a local theatre or a private reservation at a nearby restaurant. Partnering with local businesses to arrange special deals for visitors will be highly appreciated.

7. Provide fun indoor or outdoor activities

It’s not always easy to go out on Easter since many shops and restaurants will be closed. Your guests will likely stay at home, relaxing with family or friends. To shake things up, offer exciting indoor activities during their stay.

For example, prepare a movie or book library, provide fun board games, or have a BBQ corner ready for grilling. To add that Easter essence, arrange a treasure hunt or have eggs ready for painting. Kids will absolutely love reconnecting with their parents, and adults will appreciate the effort.

8. Consider upselling your services

Since most shops will be closed for the holidays, this is an excellent opportunity to upsell your vacation rental services. For example, add the option for transportation services, food delivery, a mini bar, or a private chef. Also, enhance your amenities and consider charging more for them.

For instance, if you have a shared jacuzzi or pool, open it up for guests for an extra fee. If you offer breakfast or lunch on your property, charge it as an add-on to the experience. Additionally, promote any affiliate partnerships you might have. For example, if you partner with FREETOUR for free or budget-friendly guest tours, this is your chance to earn a commission.

9. Promote local events

Are there any local events happening in your area during Easter? Share the word and watch guests book your vacation rental in no time. There are probably plenty of holiday festivities, from music festivals to religious processions, fairs, and parties.

It could be as simple as a new Easter menu in a nearby restaurant. Research them in advance and share your recommendations with guests. They’ll be more than happy to join the locals and celebrate in style.

Popular vacation rental destinations for Easter vacation 2024

10. Donate to charity

As mentioned before, this is the season of giving. Although Easter is about spending time with loved ones and exchanging gifts, some people are less fortunate. Choosing a charity you trust and donating will not only help those in need but also elevate you in guests’ eyes.

For example, you can donate a percentage of your profit per booking or urge guests to donate themselves. Place a QR code in your property or inform guests about your charity efforts in your house manual so that they can contribute.

11. Market your vacation rental

Use social media in the run-up to Easter vacation to make your rentals more appealing and increase bookings. Share updated photos showcasing your colorful decorations, run advertising campaigns for special Easter packages, or promote gift vouchers for loved ones.

Email newsletters are also a great communication channel. Send out campaigns to past guests interested in rebooking or give them a promo code to secure discounts for their Easter stay.

Vacation rentals for Easter vacation 2024

Get ready for Easter at your vacation rentals

The upcoming Easter holidays are an excellent opportunity for homeowners to attract more guests and increase bookings. Ultimately, Easter is the season of family, cheer, and sharing. Embrace its spirit with our vacation rental tips and offer guests a little extra something for their upcoming stay.

Finally, to avoid the stress of running your short-term rental business in the peak season, consider a PMS like Hosthub. Make your hospitality service professional, and manage your rentals effectively. Start a free trial or book a demo today!

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