Houfy is a social marketplace for vacation rental and real estate properties. It provides an easy-to-use, unique, and enhanced experience to list, find or sell vacation rental properties without booking fees or communication restrictions. Houfy stands for “HOUse For You”. Houfy connects guests with property owners and/or managers. It enhances the process of listing and booking, vacation rentals by eliminating the mediator.


Targeting: Houfy has a strong presence in the USA but appeals to global audiences.

  • Founded: 2014 (USA)
  • Short term rental and real estate properties
  • Commission: No fees
  • Payments: Owners/hosts collect payments


  • Direct communication with guests via the phone or email
  • No booking fees, no commission
  • Free listing
  • Import or export your reviews from other sites to/from Houfy


  • It’s a project in the making
  • The website is not only for listing vacation home rentals but also for listing real estate
  • Owners need to have a Stripe or Square account, in order to receive direct payments, from the guests through the website. Owners who did not connect to Stripe and Square take payments outside the website directly from the guests

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