What’s the difference between bookings from channels and manual blocks?

Please note that if you ever want to manually block dates for your rental (e.g. phone booking, relatives in town, renovation, etc.) you always have to block dates on Hosthub, and ONLY on Hosthub, to make sure they get blocked on all other channels. This is a good opportunity to explain how the system works:

There are 2 types of calendar events: Bookings and Blocks.

  • booking is an actually confirmed reservation that comes from a channel. The channels always have precedence for bookings. That means that the channels are the main source of truth for these events. Even if we remove them from the Hosthub calendar, they will re-appear in 2 minutes.
  • block is a manual block for specific dates to make sure the dates are not available on the channels. Hosthub is the main source of truth for these events. That means that even if you free some blocked dates directly on e.g. Airbnb, if the dates are blocked on Hosthub, they will be blocked again in 2 minutes on Airbnb.

Please always keep the above in mind, to make sure that your calendars are always properly synced.


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