Unified Inbox for vacation rental hosts and managers

Unified Inbox is a single, streamlined hub for managing all channel* guest communications and internal exchanges within the Hosthub app.

How the Unified Inbox enhances guest relations and team coordination

Multiple Messaging Platforms: Hosts and managers often juggle various channel apps and accounts, leading to missed or disrupted guest conversations. Our Inbox consolidates these into one place.

Internal Team Coordination: Coordination among host operations teams is crucial. The Inbox simplifies this by allowing team members to record and access booking-related information easily when they need to do so.

* Currently only Airbnb and Booking.com messaging is supported

How Hosthub’s Unified Inbox stands out

Clear and Organized Conversations

In the Inbox, you can see the guest name, message channel, booking dates, booking ID, and a brief message preview.

Advanced Search and Filtering

Quickly find conversations by guest name, rental, or reservation code. You can also filter by channel or by message status.

Comprehensive Booking Details

View related booking details, including rental, channel, check-in/out dates, booking value, and guest number.

Efficient message handling

Have functionalities like archiving and marking messages as read.

Notes for information exchange

There are two main things that you are doing every day, communicating with guests and recording notes and information for bookings that your team needs to check and follow up on based on this communication. Inbox makes this process as straightforward and fast as possible.


Have all the messaging and coordination capabilities you need for your day-to-day work in the simplest possible form.

Learn how to use Unified Inbox here

Learn how to enable Inbox Notifications here