Ferryscanner makes ferry ticket bookings seamless and accessible. As a pioneering platform, we connect travel lovers with a wide array of ferry services, ensuring a smooth search and booking process from start to finish. Ferryscanner stands out by offering comprehensive travel solutions, from ferry comparisons and no hidden fees, catering to every one of their customer’s needs with simplicity, reliability, and personalization.


  • Customized search options to easily compare prices, schedules, and routes.
  • An intuitive booking platform, designed for effortless navigation and transaction.
  • Real-time updates and notifications on ferry schedules, changes, and important travel information.

Ferryscanner offers an invaluable opportunity for short-stay hosts to enhance their guests’ experience and boost their passive income. By integrating Ferryscanner’s services, hosts can add exceptional value by facilitating easier travel to island properties, providing a broader range of travel options, and ensuring guests enjoy an effortless journey. The process to become a Ferryscanner affiliate is straightforward, and their extensive network connects with 100 ferry companies across a wide array of appealing destinations, allowing hosts to offer their guests convenient and reliable ferry travel options while generating an additional 33% revenue through this affiliate partnership.


  • Enhance Guest Experience: Ferryscanner enables property owners to offer seamless travel solutions to guests, particularly valuable for properties on islands or remote locations.
  • Generate Additional Revenue: Through Ferryscanner’s affiliate program, hosts can earn commissions on ferry bookings made by their guests.
  • Easy Integration: The straightforward affiliate process is designed for ease of use, ensuring property owners can quickly benefit from the partnership.
  • Wide Network of Ferry Services: Access to a vast array of ferry routes and schedules, covering many destinations and providing guests with more travel options.
  • Reliability and Support: Ferryscanner offers dependable ferry services and dedicated support, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for both hosts and their guests

Special Offer for Hosthub users:

All clients of Hosthub are entitled to an extra 7% commission reward, bringing the total to 40%.


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Transferdam provides its customers with the best transport services with the newest fleet of vehicles in the Balkan region. 20+ luxury sedans, minivans, and minibusses are available and guarantee not only the pampering of every passenger but also safety, comfort, and discreet treatment from its professional drivers. It has top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Greece that can cater to groups of up to 500 people.


Transferdam aims to become your strategic partner in the areas of transfers and tours (Tours & Disposals) and help you grow your vacation rental business by upgrading the experience of your guests using the personalized services offered by the latest generation, modern and spacious vehicles.

On the portal transferdam.com you can make your request for an affiliation, and there is the possibility of contacting for immediate reservations through messages on WhatsApp or Viber.

The commission rate is 23%. Practically in a single trip, you earn at least 10 euros.


Personalized transportation designed for travel

Welcome goes above and beyond the commoditized transfer service as the first company to deliver a holistic, in-destination travel experience. From the moment a traveler arrives at a new destination until they return home, Welcome accommodates all their travel needs (transfers, travel products, things to do, information) as the easiest, friendliest, and most personalized solution.



  • Personalized landing page for each one of your apartments with the address pre-filled, in a layout that includes the apartment photo and host profile in order to seem familiar to the guest
  • Automation Solution
  • Various automation options to make the transfer arrangements easier and faster
  • Partner App
  • All-in-one app to manage everything regarding the arrival process of your guests