7 Ways to Improve Your Airbnb Ranking

As an Airbnb host, it is essential to make sure that your property is at the top of page listings and has the best reviews. But with so many properties to compete with, how can you get yours to stand out? Let’s look at the best ways you can improve your Airbnb rating and get your property to the top.

1. Lower Your Price

When making your profile on Airbnb, the site will give you an estimated price to charge based on the amenities and features of your rental property. While this will give you the best rate for yourself, it won’t put you ahead of the competition. By lowering your price even temporarily, your profile will stand out and you will get more views and bookings. Try to avoid double bookings though since this is one of the biggest problems you might face once you start listing on multiple channels to increase your bookings.

2. Log in Regularly

Make sure that you log into your profile every single day if you can. The Airbnb algorithm takes note of the most active users and rewards them for it by boosting your search ranking over time. Turn it into a daily habit: try to get in touch with your guests through Airbnb directly and leave responses to reviews by thanking guests for their feedback.

3. Use Good Photographs

Good photographs are essential for your listing as they are the main showcase of your property. Airbnb can quote you for a professional photographer but, if you want to do it yourself, make sure you have good lighting, use a good camera, and make sure the rooms are looking their best. Even if you have the lowest prices, bad photographs can potentially ruin any chance of making a booking as guests don’t want to stay somewhere that looks unappealing.

4. Activate Instant Book

By turning on Instant Book, you can increase your ranking and become more appealing to guests. Not only will it help you get more bookings but it will free up your time as you don’t have to respond to each request for a booking, you’ll garner more guest interest, and it will boost your chances of becoming a Superhost. Of course, by turning on Instant Book you have to make sure that the calendars on all your channels (Booking.com, Homeaway, etc) are synchronized so you don’t get any double bookings – Hosthub is the best way to achieve that.

5. Complete Your Profile

Filling out your profile 100% can boost your ranking as Airbnb recognizes you as a committed and dedicated host. When creating your new listing on Airbnb, make sure you fill out each section with as much detail as possible, ensuring the use of correct spelling and grammar to make your page appear more professional and give potential guests all the information they need.

6. Be Responsive

Make sure that you are responding to every message as soon as possible. Being a responsive host helps to garner trust between your guests and, by having a 100% response rate, guests are more likely to get in touch and book with you. This boosts your page ranking and shows guests that you are a caring and attentive host.

7. Promote with Social Media

Social media is king so make sure that you are talking about your listing and promoting it on all social channels regularly. Twitter and Instagram are great ways to showcase your property and garner interest in it. Not only is this free publicity but it boosts your SEO so that your property is more likely to appear higher in search rankings and gain more bookings.

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