How to create listings on the largest vacation rental channels

Hosthub began with one goal in mind: To make the life of vacation rental owners easier and to offer tools and services that will increase their revenue and decrease their workload.

Out of all the possible ways available for a short term rental owner to increase his revenue, listing on multiple channels is by far the most efficient. However, we have encountered many owners who either find the process daunting or are just scared of the unknown. How long will it take? What if I do a mistake? Is there any compliance or legal issues I should be aware of? What if I get a double booking? Well, Hosthub was the clear answer to the last question, so it’s time we answered all the rest!

On our previous blog post about the largest vacation rental channels, we drew a brief profile of Airbnb,, Vrbo, Tripadvisor, and Expedia. We decided it would be helpful to create guides with step-by-step instructions on how to open an account and create a new listing on each one, complete with screenshots and commentary of the process. We even give away some very important tips for improving the visibility of your listing and pinpoint a few traps to avoid. Besides the 5 channels mentioned above, we added a few more to cover as much of the landscape as possible. Here we go:

These are all part of our new “Guides” section where we will upload useful content as often as possible – you can add your email to our mailing list to get our updates by using the form in the footer. The Guides are part of our Resources section which includes Research articles along with FAQs on Hosthub.

If despite our efforts to help you with these guides, you still feel out of your element and would like help listing on new channels, we can take care of it. Visit our Revenue Booster page and fill out the form – we’ll help you out.

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