Are you overwhelmed with the manual management of your cleaning and housekeeping services? Do you want to provide custom services to your guests? Automate requests to your teams? Keep precise track of tasks? Stop chasing invoices from providers at the end of each month.

Take off into the future of short-term rental management by making Orion by ICARE autopiloting your operations.

Like the autopilot in a plane, our innovative software takes control of your housekeeping services, allowing you to focus on what matters most: providing an exceptional experience for your guests.
Orion will guide you through the benefits of automation, including increased efficiency, enhanced guest satisfaction, and a more profitable Bottom line.

By using Orion by ICARE, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • End-to-end automation, from the booking confirmation to the invoice generation, including task assignment and follow-up.
  • Time-saving tips: full automation of the service requests, single calendar for both reservations and interventions, planning for providers, global parameter table (for properties, service providers, etc.) with the possibility of customization on-demand.
  • Comprehensiveness. All housekeeping services are supported: check-in / check-out of the guest, cleaning, linen, laundry, and on-demand customized services (small repairs, garden or pool maintenance, etc.).
  • Easy onboarding: in a snap. The PM’s data is integrated into the software, the parameters are customized, and the teams are operational to use it.
  • Reactive and multilingual customer support, reachable by email and phone.



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Turno (formerly TurnoverBnB) is a smart way to schedule, pay, and find vacation rental cleaners for your Airbnb, Booking.com, and Vrbo listings.

Scalable, on-the-go solutions. Turno’s robust platform and separate mobile apps for hosts and cleaners work in sync to simplify each step of the turnover process. Features such as auto-scheduling, in-app chat, and auto payments, plus quality assurance tools like checklists, photo sharing, and problem reporting are all supported by Turno’s 24/7 live Customer Support team.

Make new connections on Turno Cleaner Marketplace. Turno’s marketplace helps expand your network of vacation rental pros in your area. Hosts can source vetted and experienced STR cleaners, compare bids, and assign local backup cleaners for last-minute coverage. Marketplace cleaners can showcase their experience and credibility, set their own pricing, and bid on new projects to grow their businesses.

Coordinate with everyone on one app! Invite your existing teammates, customers, cleaners, and contractors to work with you on Turno. Use the platform to centralize multiple vacation rental maintenance and property services. Linen delivery, pool cleaning, trash pickup? Turno makes it simple for both hosts and cleaners to manage different projects, schedules, communications, payments, and more. Automate it all with Turno.

Connecting Turno with Hosthub you will be able to sync your rentals and bookings from all your channels in both platforms and start creating tasks, automations, and workflows around them always using up-to-date information.


Operto Teams


Operto Teams can help you automate your scheduling and task management operations. You can create simple and complex scheduling rules that take the guesswork out of what to do next, and who should do it.

Operto Teams


  • Save time spent scheduling by up to 80%
  • Increase staff productivity and satisfaction
  • Fewer missed cleans & maintenance efficiencies mean happier guests, better reviews, and more referrals
  • Increase revenue by tracking all billable maintenance amounts
  • Retain and attract owners with higher occupancy due to faster turns, happier guests & better reviews
  • Ability to grow & increase your company’s valuation without chaos

Click here to learn how to integrate Hosthub with Operto Teams

Operto Teams Operto Teams Operto Teams



Cleanster.com is a leading cleaning platform for property owners and short-term rentals. It offers great quality control infrastructure and a seamless customer experience. You can bring your own cleaners or use Cleanster.com’s marketplace cleaners on-demand. Put your turnover cleaning on auto-pilot with Cleanster.com.


  1. Find local trusted cleaners
    Cleanster.com connects vacation rental hosts with local trusted cleaners.
  2. Automatic Scheduling
    Cleanster.com creates cleaning projects automatically by syncing with your reservations calendar.
  3. Instant Notifications
    Cleaners get notified of new available projects right on their mobile phones.
  4. Cleaning Checklists
    Ensure a spotless clean with Cleanster’s checklists, including photos, notes, and problem reports.
  5. Inventory Management (beta)
    Automate your inventory tracking and pricing and get notified on buffer stock.
  6. Tax and payroll management
    Automate your 1099/T4A, onboarding and vetting, and background check while you focus on your business growth.
  7. Problem Reporting
    Track your property problems reported by cleansers and your team.






Hosthub customers are entitled to a 25% discount. All you have to do is register on Cleanster, mentioning the code HOSTHUB. 

Click here to learn how to integrate Hosthub with Cleanster.com




ResortCleaning is a housekeeping software for vacation rentals.

Let’s face it, running a vacation rental property management can be stressful, there’s always so much to do and so much to remember.

ResortCleaning is the tool you need to manage the chaos!


ResortCleaning is your property command center. It offers a full suite of operational management tools to help customers run their maintenance and housekeeping operations.


  • PMS Integration
  • Scheduling
  • Mobile Applications
  • Brand Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Provider Network
  • Custom Development
  • Operations Consulting





PropertyCare.com is an Award winning platform unifying property care, guest management & selling services. It includes Task Management, Cleaner Web App, Unified Guest Communication Inbox, and Automated Email & SMS.


  • Housekeeping & Maintenance Platform
  • Guest ID Aggregation & Verification
  • Automated SMS & Email Guest Comms
  • Sell Guest Services
  • Automated Branded Guest Messaging


The platform enables property managers to automate cleaning and maintenance tasks, and auto assigns cleaners to the property in order to complete the task. It also helps property managers to set up automated emails for the entire guest journey and allows users to build branded emails with triggers to ensure that all communications are set to auto-pilot.

PropertyCare.com is powered by YourWelcome

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PropertyCare.com PropertyCare.com