Earn extra income by selling or renting items to your guests during their stay.

You can post anything for sale or rent! Food, drinks, toiletries, art, antiques, souvenirs, memorabilia, clothing, furniture, golf clubs, bicycles, jet skis, kayaks, etc. Whatever you have that a guest might use during their stay or take home with them when they leave.

Every host can set up a marketplace using BnSellit and then promote it as an enhanced property feature to his guests.

Guests download the easy to use BnBuyIt™ app that enables them to view, purchase or rent items securely using their credit/debit card.

They then can use purchased or rented items during their stay or take purchases home when they leave. No packaging, shipping fees or headache. There’s even a simple way to chat with your guests in real time using the BnBuyIt™ app.

Hosthub’s users can register with a Referral Code for:

  • A transaction fee reduction from 18% to 12% – for those who will register during the next 30 days,
  • A free live virtual session with BnSellit Inspiration Team to help you with setting up your marketplace and
  • Access to their pre-made Amenity or Marketplace Boxes.
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