Webinar 01/04/2021: Reviews: 14 secret tips to increase your Direct Bookings by up to 270%!


Reviews play a crucial role in future booking opportunities for both hosts and guests. If you are a vacation rental owner, you always need to make sure that all of your properties are consistently getting positive reviews, not only on the OTAs, like Airbnb and Booking .com but also on your own direct booking website.

But how can reviews help you increase your direct bookings and why they are so important?

You will find all the answers in this interactive webinar with Christophe Salmon, CEO of Revyoos, and Alexander Caravitis, CEO of Hosthub.


👩‍🏫 Useful links discussed during the webinar:

👉  All-in-one Review Aggregator for short term rentals: a 2-month free trial is available for all Hosthub’s customers

👉  Hosthub’s New Partnership with Revyoos

👉  How to build your own direct booking website with less than 100$

👉  How to handle the bad reviews step-by-step

👉  How to make sure you always get 5-star reviews






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