What is Preparation Time & how to use it

Hosthub’s Preparation Time allows you to automatically block the nights before and after a booking, on all your active channels, allowing you extra time to prepare your rental for the next guest.

To set up a Preparation Time for each rental:

1. Go to Rentals

2. Choose the rental of your preference

3. Click ‘’Edit’’

4. Choose a preparation time for this rental

Your options include either:

  • No preparation time
  • From 1 to 5 days before and after each booking

5. Click ‘’Save Changes’’

6. Our system will automatically block the dates on all your active channels associated with this rental

preparation time

For example, if you have a booking from 16/6 to 19/6 and you set a 2 days preparation time, the dates 14/6, 15/6, 20/6 & 21/6 will be blocked.

As soon as you set a Preparation Time in Hosthub for a rental:

  • the appropriate nights before and after each booking will be blocked on all your existing bookings 
  • every future booking (either via a channel or manually entered in Hosthub) will have X days before and after blocked
  • Preparation Time does not affect blocks, only bookings


*Please note that:

  1. You have to deactivate the preparation time setting in Airbnb in order to ensure the proper sync of preparation time on all channels.
  2. The Preparation Time that you set will automatically adjust your rental’s availability on all your bookings. If you need exceptions, let us know so we can give you a workaround.  
  3. If a guest wants to expand his booking and either arrive earlier or leave later than booked, he cannot do it via the platforms since the platforms will see these days as blocked. The only way to expand the booking is via direct communication with you. 


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