Are you a short-term rental operator struggling to provide a seamless guest experience while juggling the demands of property management?
Look no further. Introducing GEA, the all-in-one Guest Experience Platform designed to elevate your business, delight your guests, and streamline your operations.


Why GEA?

GEA understands your pain points and offers a suite of functionalities tailored to meet your unique needs.

Automated Multilingual Communication

GEA’s automated multilingual messaging system ensures timely, personalized communication with your guests. From pre-arrival instructions to post-stay thank you notes, GEA handles it all, saving you time and enhancing the guest experience.


Personalized Guest Experiences

GEA helps you personalize your offerings by capturing guest preferences and providing tailored recommendations. Whether it’s suggesting local attractions or offering customized amenities, GEA helps you create memorable stays that guests will rave about.


Online Check-in, Automated Guest Access

Streamline your guest experience with GEA’s online check-in, automated access, and energy management features. GEA’s online check-in process eliminates the hassle of traditional check-ins, allowing guests to complete their arrival formalities effortlessly from their smartphones. With automated access, guests can enjoy secure, keyless entry to their accommodations, enhancing convenience and security.

Additionally, GEA’s intelligent energy management system ensures optimal energy use by adjusting lighting, heating, and cooling based on occupancy. This not only reduces operational costs but also promotes sustainability.


Streamlined Operations

Running a short-term rental involves numerous tasks, from housekeeping to maintenance. GEA’s task management feature allows you to assign and track tasks efficiently. Automated reminders ensure nothing falls through the cracks, keeping your properties in top condition and your guests happy.


24/7 Support

Guest inquiries don’t always happen during business hours. GEA’s 24/7 virtual concierge service ensures your guests have access to support whenever they need it.


Robust Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with GEA’s robust analytics. Track occupancy rates, revenue, guest satisfaction scores, and more. GEA’s comprehensive reports provide valuable insights, helping you optimize your operations and maximize profitability.


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Tourmie is an all-in-one Guest Experience application, designed to help hotels and vacation rentals create the perfect guest experience with minimal effort.

Through a web application, accessible from any device without downloading or registering, guests can now have access to everything they may need before, during, and after their stay.


Key features:

  • A digital house guide with everything your guests need to know about your property.
  • An online check-in form to collect all the necessary guest information.
  • A helpful local area guide with recommended places to visit.
  • An easy-to-use services booking engine.
  • A wide range of local services.
  • A management system for guest requests.
  • A real-time chat with guests, and other exciting features.


Benefits for your rental:

  • Enhance guest experience
  • Improve reviews & word-of-mouth
  • Increase revenue
  • Save time and money


Connect your Hosthub account to Tourmie:

Tourmie connects with Hosthub to help you manage, assist and engage your guests more efficiently.

  • Automatic import of rentals

With our integration, you can automatically import your Hosthub rentals into Tourmie, saving time and effort.

  • Automatic import of bookings

All your new bookings will automatically import from Hosthub to Tourmie. Any changes or updates made on Hosthub will be automatically reflected on Tourmie.

  • Personalized guest experience

Tourmie automatically generates a personalized house guide URL for each of your guests, with guest information and tailored recommendations.


Discount to Hosthub Customers:

30% discount on Tourmie Premium for the first 3 months








HolidayHero is a guest experience platform and app that empowers hotels and short-term vacation rentals to manage guest experiences beyond the booking.

The mobile app gives the guest full control of their stay by providing local recommendations, extra holiday packages, house manuals, and more. With the HolidayHero Guest app, they can save time on guest management, increase guest satisfaction, and, boost topline revenue.

Discount for Hosthub users:

1st 6 months for FREE



Deliverback is a cloud service FREE of charge that helps Airbnb hosts and property management companies, coordinate the lost–found process, returning lost items to their guests.
Deliverback coordinates and automates all activities between the business, the guest, and the courier companies so that you, as a host, don’t have to spend time on it!

Deliverback makes it super easy for everyone involved in the process and thereby significantly improves the guest experience while helping you save time and focus on other important tasks. Deliverback currently works with over 1.500 business partners in Greece (including Hotels, Airbnbs, Car rental companies, and property management companies) and has managed more than 25.000 shipments worldwide.


Discount for Hosthub users:

30% discount on the complimentary shipments.

Learn more about our partnership with Deliverback here


Deliverback offers free and budget-friendly guided walking tours, activities, and experiences in 135 countries.

Their expert guides and diverse destinations transform trips into extraordinary adventures, providing insightful and informative travel experiences.

Your guests can access free tours with local guides in various languages. Every time your guests book a tour, you will see the reward on your dashboard. splits the income generated through affiliate links 50/50 with you, making for one of the most generous affiliate earning models out there.

Discount for Hosthub users:

  1. Full commission on Free Tours bookings for the first 3 months
  2. 15% commission on Paid Tours bookings for the first 3 months
    Learn more here



Unlimited Adrenaline


Unlimited Adrenaline is a service in Greece that enables hosts to provide adventures and activities to their guests.

It offers a range of options for different experiences, designed to be integrated into a host’s offerings without complication. It is positioned as a solution for those looking to expand their guest’s experience through various adventures and activities available within the region.

And here’s the best part:

Hosthub customers can enjoy this incredible service absolutely free!

With their extensive network of 500 activity providers and a staggering selection of 2,500 experiences, tours, and outdoor activities spanning 100 diverse categories across Greece, they’ve got every adventure seeker covered. From thrilling water sports to cultural explorations and everything in between, your guests will have access to a world of exhilarating possibilities.

Unlimited Adrenaline offers a commission-based service for hosts in Greece, allowing a 7%-9% commission on every booking for experiences upsold to customers. They provide automated solutions such as QR codes, referral links, email marketing, and white-label options to facilitate the promotion and sale of experiences.

Unlimited Adrenaline

Unlimited Adrenaline handles all operations and networking, regularly updating its inventory to provide access to current experiences. This service aims to enable hosts to offer additional activities to their guests without personal intervention, potentially creating an additional revenue stream.

It functions as a third-party provider, connecting hosts with various experiences and facilitating their offering to guests. It is designed to assist in enhancing the range of services hosts provide while providing additional income.


  • A Guide for your guests
  • Provide 2.500+ experiences among 500+ providers across Greece
  • Earn 7%-9% commission
  • Automated solutions – No need to spend time

Discount for Hosthub users: Free & 7% commission for every booking

Unlimited Adrenaline

LiveSwitch Contact


LiveSwitch Contact is a simple, easy-to-use video communication platform for property managers and hosts alike.  LiveSwitch Contact works on any device (computers, tablets, and phones), there is no app to download or install, it automatically records video sessions for later review and archiving, and it doesn’t require hosts or management companies to share any personal contact information with guests.
Easily address guest concerns to provide great customer service, assess and prioritize maintenance requests, verify that repairs and cleaning tasks have been completed, manage unit turns, conduct virtual tours, and more.

LiveSwitch has partnered with Hosthub to provide a quick and easy way to connect with guests, maintenance teams, cleaners, and other vendors on any device. You can learn here:

Discount for Hosthub users: 10% discount on the first year
of their subscription. Complete this form and add the code HOSTHUB10 to receive the discount.



With GonnaOrder you automate the room service and ordering processes from the rooms, bars, and lounges of your hotel or vacation rental. Your guests can now order in their own language the services or products you provide, simply and instantly with the scan of a QR code. No waiting, no app downloads or phones at reception.

Use the service with zero investment costs for hardware purchase, as a computer or tablet is all you need to get started immediately.

All the features of GonnaOrder in one package:

  • Seamless catalog and orders.
  • The menu can be changed in an instant.
  • Menu with images and in the language of your visitors.
  • Extra customization features to suit your needs.

Specific benefits of using GonnaOrder:

  • Each category of the Menu appears only at the times you want it to appear
  • At any time you know the orders for each room/rental.
  • Allow your guests to pre-order breakfast or anything else for the next day.
  • You can increase the consumption of the products you provide by presenting them with photos.

How it works:

  • GonnaOrder sets up the menu with services or products according to your instructions
  • Your guests order by scanning a QR code.
  • You receive notifications and prepare the orders.
  • The service requires no investment cost for purchasing hardware.

Offer for Hosthub customers:

Free subscription* for 1 season to the first 5 people who sign up by mentioning the email they use at Hosthub


*The offer is valid only for the month of March and the cost of setting up the application is not included


Operto Guest


Through technology that connects teams, guests, managers and smart devices, the Operto Connect™ ecosystem drives operational efficiency and higher revenues for property managers, while providing premium guest experiences.

From the moment a reservation is booked, the Operto experience begins.

Digital check-in, guest verification, guest messaging, and more, are all brought together into a single, unified dashboard. No more operating multiple systems, logins and browser tabs. Operators regain valuable hours to focus on building their business versus running their business, helping to scale.

Whether you manage a single unit or 10,000+, Operto’s simple, affordable suite of technology solutions will elevate your guest experience and drive new levels of operational efficiency and revenue opportunities to your doorstep.

Connect Hosthub with Operto Guest and build a single dashboard that does it all. Give guests contactless entry, automate staff scheduling, or control in-room conditions with smart devices. Create the guest experiences they want when you connect Hosthub to your all-in-one Operto dashboard.

Contact Operto and an onboarding team will guide you through the integration process.



AIPEX allows hosts to automate guest interactions while at the same time raising the bar on the guest’s experience.

The AIPEX Virtual Concierge is the most advanced technology in use today at vacation rental properties, using a combination of voice and a touchscreen interface to connect with guests. Hosts can reduce time spent, optimize turnovers, generate incremental revenue, drive occupancy, and delight customers. Using the AIPEX portal, hosts can tell the voice assistant exactly what to say in response to a guest’s questions. In addition, custom proactive messages and images are displayed, engaging people in a common area. In fact, on average guests interact with the device 5 times a day. Purpose-built for hospitality, AIPEX includes privacy protections and is used across more than 5000 short-term rental properties.


Discount for Hosthub Customers:
Hosthub users are entitled to 30% off the initial purchase of credits (in addition to the free 30 credits available to all new registrations).




ChargeAutomation is a free online check-in tool to collect Guest ID, selfie, document, custom questions, e-signature & personalized guest portal with guidebook.

Another powerful feature of ChargeAutomaiton is a smooth collection of security deposit & reservation payment based on the cancellation policy.

ChargeAutomationWith ChargeAutomation, hosts can have a single & streamlined workflow to collect:

  • Pre-arrival info (ID, Selfie, E-signature, T&C…etc)
  • Payment (Deposit, Balance, Cancel Fee)
  • Pre-Authorize (damage deposit hold)
  • Upsell (Upgrades, Services, Tours …etc)
  • Guest Portal (Guidebook, Upsell, Chat)


Click here to learn more on how Hosthub integrates with ChargeAutomation





YourWelcome is a subscription service, providing a full journey guest engagement tool, from booking, to post departure, via a tablet device, pre-loaded with YourWelcome software.


The YourWelcome tablet device is synced to your property and can be managed remotely via your dashboard portal (which can be accessed instantly), allowing you to customize the content available for your guests, and enhance their experience throughout the duration of their stay.

You can use the tablet to provide property information for your guests, reduce the number of enquiries you receive (e.g. using video guides), highlight local area recommendations (including exclusive discounts), and up-sell your own services to increase your revenue per booking.

Click here to learn more about how Hosthub integrates with YourWelcome