Shared Economy Tax


A top-tier accounting solution for Airbnb hosts & independent contractors

Shared Economy Tax is your trusted partner in tax services and accounting solutions tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of Airbnb hosts and independent contractors. Our team of accountants understands the distinct financial challenges and opportunities that come with operating in the sharing economy.

Whether you’re an enterprising Airbnb host managing short-term rentals or an independent contractor navigating the world of self-employment, our CPAs are here to help. We will provide you with the guidance, expertise, and support necessary to optimize your financial success. With a deep understanding of the tax implications, income reporting, and tax deductions relevant to the industry, our Airbnb accountants strive to empower you to make informed financial decisions, maximize your income, and minimize your tax liability.

List of Services

  • Individual and Business Income Tax Return Preparation
  • Entity Selection: Corporate and LLC Tax Reporting Structures and Setup
  • Compliance with Local, State, and Federal Regulatory Requirements
  • Tax and Estate Planning
  • Quarterly Tax Payment Planning and Preparation
  • IRS Audit and Defense
  • Individual and Business Bookkeeping Services
  • Tax Accountants for Freelancers
  • Carshare and Turo Tax Preparation
  • 1099 Contractor and Freelancer Tax Preparation
  • Airbnb and Real Estate Investor Tax Preparation


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With Clyr, you don’t need to manually enter expense data anymore. Just take a picture of your receipts and let Clyr handle the rest.
Every receipt gets linked to your transactions and properties. This makes sure your accounts are updated in real time, and with AP automation and bill pay, managing your payments and accounts is a breeze.


Owner statements in seconds? Yes! With just one click, Clyr creates up-to-date and easy-to-understand reports. This helps build trust with property owners.


Clyr makes the paperwork easy.

This lets hosts spend more time making things better for their guests. Plus, with Clyr’s connection to Hosthub, managing your rental business gets even easier.


Try Clyr and see a new way to manage expenses and payments.


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The Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) is an independent administrative authority of the Hellenic Republic with responsibilities for the certification and collection of public revenues, the perspective of public health, and the issuance of circulars and proposals for the improvement of the tax system.

Hosthub’s integration with AADE provides the automatic booking registration service to hosts who rent short-term rental properties in Greece. This service automatically calculates the legal amount that has to be registered. And then registers this amount in AADE for all their bookings (or for as many as they choose).



Oxygen Pelatologio


Oxygen Pelatologio is one of the first AADE-certified e-invoicing providers in Greece and offers an easy-to-use and comprehensive e-invoicing and business organization platform in the Cloud.

It helps the business organize its finances, and easily accept card payments and invoice payments as well as API services for e-shops.

Hosthub in collaboration with Oxygen automatically issues your invoices for your bookings (valid only for people who live in Greece). You can send your invoices and receipts electronically to AADE’s MyData and issue your documents electronically with the accommodation tax receipt to send to guests automatically after their departure.

Discount for Hosthub customers:

Hosthub users can use Oxygen Pelatologio for free for 3 months (1 month valid for everyone and 2 months extra for Hosthub customers). All you need is to register from here.



REI Hub helps vacation rental owners automate the bookkeeping for their real estate investments.

REI Hub’s integration retrieves property data directly from your Hosthub account to get your portfolio set up quickly and then automatically syncs your revenues from all booking channels. You can also link bank accounts and credit cards for easy and continuous transaction imports from over 20,000 financial institutions. REI Hub’s matching rules and transaction templates allow you to easily categorize expenses, loan payments, owner distributions, and more so that you never miss a tax deduction.


REI Hub comes pre-configured for property-by-property reporting and even prepares your Schedule E packet at tax time. Since your books are backed by double-entry accounting, you can also access your full financial reports (P&L, cash flow, and balance sheet) as well as real estate metrics like Net Operating Income and Cap Rate.

REI Hub averages a 5-star rating for customer satisfaction and easy-to-use accounting software features.


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